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    Kids Camp

    Kids Camp at Radclyffe Athletics Centre

    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Easter Kids Camp will no longer be taking place. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and many thanks from the OCL Team.

    If you have any queries, please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.





    Opening Times

    Our daily hours are 8am until 5.30pm and children are welcome any time between these times.
    We would ask that prior to 8am; parents and children wait outside the building as staff will be completing daily health and safety checks prior to our opening.
    We ask that all children are collected by 5.30pm prompt

    Booking Terms and Conditions

    All places must be paid for at the time of booking. We have limited places available per day so early booking is advised.
    Bookings for OCL Kids Camp are non-refundable.
    If you do need to amend your booking (change day) then we will require a minimum 72 hours’ notice. We will not be able to accommodate all requests due to the running capacity of our camps, so please ensure at the time of booking that your booking meets your requirements. Where we do not have the ability to change bookings, no refunds will be offered.
    Bookings will only be classed as confirmed once we have received a completed registration form for your child.


    If your child has an injury or illness that will prevent them from attending Kids Camp, then we will require a doctor’s note (if less than 24 hours’ notice) to credit your account for any days missed.
    Where your child has a contagious disease (such as chickenpox, measles etc); we request that children do not attend camp until all pox are crusted over (as per NHS guidelines on infectious periods of Chickenpox).

    Collection Times

    All children must be collected by 5.30pm prompt. A £10 fee will apply to any late collections.
    If you are running late, then please call 0161 207 7000 to inform staff of your estimated collection time.

    What will children need to bring?

    All children need to wear clothing and footwear that’s suitable for a full days sporting activity. We would recommend that jeans, sandals and flip-flops are not worn.
    During the winter months, children should being a rain jacket or coat so they are able to get some fresh air through the day.
    In summer children will need to come with their own bottle of sun cream, which should be labelled with their name. OCL cannot provide children with sun cream and we cannot allow them to play outside in summer if they don’t have sun protection.
    Please also let us know if your child has an allergy to sun cream and what suitable alternative you have provided.
    We also ask that children don’t bring iPods (or other music playing devices), tablets, mobile phones or hand held games consoles as these won’t be needed at Kids Camp.
    Children will also need a packed lunch. We have two breaks during the day where children can also have snacks. Please bear in mind that due to the nature of the activities at Kids Camp, your child may eat a little more than during a regular school day.
    Children should also bring a re-fillable drinks bottle. We have a water fountain on site that the children are welcome to use through the day to refill their bottle.


    We run our camp based on rations of 1:10 for all our children. When we do have children at camp who require special assistance we adjust our ratios accordingly so all children receive the same level of care.
    At any one time at Kids Camp, we have staff who are:
    Qualified to Level 2 of the NGB applicable to their sport
    Minimum of 1 fully qualified first aider
    All staff are DBS checked

    Behavioural Policy

    We aim to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere with all our Kids Camps and promote positive behaviour from children and staff at all times.
    Our behaviour policy offers guidelines as to acceptable behaviour and the course of action that will be taken if behaviour is deemed unacceptable.
    Children at camp will receive certificates for participation, team work and positive behaviour.
    We will aim to build relationships with individual children so we understand their likes and dislikes; and can understand any triggers for negative behaviour and try to avoid these.
    Staff will make children feel welcome at all times by remembering and using names at all times.
    Everyone at camp will be expected to speak respectfully and avoid excessive shouting, swearing and offensive language.
    Where behaviour is deemed unacceptable, we will take the following actions:
    Staff will explain to the child what they have done wrong; and how they could act in a more positive manner
    If the behaviour is repeated; the child may be asked to sit out from the activity that is currently being undertaken.
    Where we have persistent repetition, camp staff will inform the person collecting the child and see if there is any cause for this behaviour; or ask for cooperation to in re-enforcing positive behaviour at camp.
    If there is no significant improvement then parents may be requested to collect their child for the remainder of the day. Where the behaviour poses a risk to the health and safety of staff and other children at camp, the child may be asked to not return to camp.


    We ask that all parents make us aware of an allergies that their child suffers with. We do on occasion bring foods for the children to try so it’s important that we are aware of all allergies/intolerances for your child.


    We are unable to administer any medication to your child whist they are at camp. We are able to store anything that the child needs, as long as they can administer their own dosage.

    Get in Touch

    Please contact us using the form below and send us a message.
    Alternatively you can telephone our Contact Team on 0161 207 7000. We look forward to hearing from you.

    **Please note this form is for general enquiries only and should not be used for membership cancellations or freezes, please email**

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