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    We are open again safely 

    We are delighted to announce that following the latest Government update the majority of restrictions are removed at Oldham Active facilities.



    The news we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The government’s announcement means from the 19th of July the majority of restrictions will be removed and we can move back to a normal leisure offer once again.



    What does this mean for customers at Oldham Active?


    Find out everything you need to know below.



    From 19th July, the requirement to book Gym, Sauna and Swim sessions will be removed and once again will be available to you as they were prior to covid restrictions. Only Exercise Classes, Racquet Sports and Bowls will be bookable again as it was prior to Covid. 

    Member Access

    At Royton and Oldham we will be back using turnstiles so members can access quicker.

    Capacities in sessions

    We will be moving to full capacities as of the 19th July meaning there will be much more availability in our gyms, pools, studios and sports halls.

    Bubble, same household sessions

    All bubble and same household sessions will be removed and regular activities put back in place such as splash sessions and family swims.


    Hand sanitising stations will remain in place across our sites. This is for the convenience of all our staff and customers and is to maintain a more hygienic environment regardless of covid.

    Gym and studio cleaning

    In order to maintain a highly hygienic environment, we will keep in place the same customer cleaning protocol in our gyms and studios. This protocol provides each customer with individual cleaning items and are required to wipe down their own equipment and clean as they go round the facility completing their workout. This is of course in addition to our regular programmed staff cleaning regimes.

    Gym Teams

    We will continue to staff all our gyms at all times, the team are there for you for support and advice and will ensure the gym environment is safe and fit for use.


    As mentioned sauna and steam areas will not be bookable, however there are maximum limits on the number of customers that can use the facilities at any one time. As such a band system will be in place to manage these numbers. Access to the sauna therefore must be made through the centre receptions.

    Radclyffe Athletics Centre

    Exercise Classes will continue at this centre in its sports hall, all Oldham Active members can access classes at Radclyffe as part of their membership even if they have a single site package.

    New Spin Studio at Chadderton

    We will launch a new spin studio at Chadderton on the 19th July continuing the spin offer at the wellbeing centre for the long term.

    Outdoor Classes

    All outdoor classes will discontinue as we bring full capacity classes back to our studios and halls.

    Saddleworth School classes

    We will continue the classes at Saddleworth School Sports Hall up to the school holidays and we will explore restarting them early September.

    Bowls and Racquet Sports

    Bowls, badminton and table tennis all return to normal procedures and capacities.

    Day Pass

    The Day Pass will be reintroduced for people to purchase a day session to use the Gym, pool and Sauna (classes are not included in the day pass).


    We have a full list of Frequently Asked Questions available on our web site. Please have a look if you have questions. Alternatively get in touch and we will be happy to help


    Class Attendance Bookings Dishonour 

    As detailed in our terms and conditions in section 2.2 we have a process to manage those people that book an exercise classes and then do not turn up or cancel the session. When this happens, it can be frustrating for other customers that may have been unable to book a slot and the space goes unused.

    A Class Dishonour process will be introduced as of the 19th July and will mean if a customer books and fails to attend a class, and email notification will be sent outlining the infringement. In the future, as per the terms and conditions, we may introduce charges and the removal of booking rights until the charges are paid.

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