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New Booking Policy September 2017


Pre-booking sessions is changing for the better!*


From 1st September 2017 we’ll be making some changes to the way you book classes and sessions at Oldham Active, which will make it easier and fairer for you to attend the sessions you want and cancel the ones that you don’t.

The new improvements mean that you can still book and reserve classes and sessions online, in centre or by phone,
but if you are unable to attend these you will need to cancel as soon as possible to give someone else the opportunity to take your place and enjoy the facilities we have on offer.


We know sometimes it can be hard to pre-empt if you are unable to attend a class when you have booked in advance, but we often have oversubscribed classes meaning someone else would happily take your place if you can’t attend. That’s why we’re asking that you ensure you cancel your booking if you can’t make it. Due to high demand, if you fail to cancel class attendance three times in any one month you will be temporarily frozen from booking classes in advance the following month. These changes will help to ensure that more people have the opportunity to attend classes and sessions, particularly those that are more popular and / or book up quickly.


If you are unable to attend a session you have pre booked, simply cancel online, in centre or by calling our contact centre on 0161 207 7000 as soon as possible. If you are attending a pre booked class, please make sure that your membership card is scanned properly and / or a staff member or instructor is informed so that we can log your attendance.


This applies when you book Exercise Classes, Spin Sessions and Badminton Courts


Frequently asked questions

 How do I cancel a class or session that I have pre-booked?

If you booked the class online, you can simply login and cancel your booking. Alternatively you can ring our contact centre on 0161 207 7000 or ask someone at reception in centre.

If a class or session is full, is there a waiting list?

There is no waiting list for classes and sessions. Encouraging members to cancel if they can not make it, will mean that classes can be booked to full capacity ensuring that people who would like to attend get a space.

What happens if I don’t cancel a session I have booked more than 3 times in a month?

If you fail to attend more than 3 sessions that you have pre-booked, you will be sent a letter explaining that you have been temporarily frozen from booking classes in advance for the following month. This does not stop you from attending classes, you will only be able to book them on the day of the class.

If I get frozen out, will I be able to pre-book in the future?

Yes, the restriction will only apply the month after your missed booked sessions. After this you will be able to pre book in advance again.


*These changes form part of the membership terms and conditions which can be found here

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