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Online Booking System

Our online booking system gives you so much flexibility, as well as an enhanced online user experience making bookings, payments and enquiries quick, easy and effortless.

Parents will also be able to track their child’s progress too for popular activities such as swimming sessions and lessons.

Our entire system is mobile optimised, meaning that you’ll find it easier and faster to make a booking or join online securely via your smartphone.


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We’ve compiled a few helpful frequently asked questions below, to help you get set up


What do I need to make an online booking?

To make an online booking you must be a member or a registered user. You will need login details to make a booking, email address and your unique 4 digit pin. Payment is also required at the time of booking unless you are an existing member.


What if I already have a membership or Oldham Active Card?

If you are a current Oldham Active member or have an Active Card and have given us your e-mail address, you will already be registered for online bookings on our new system.  

If you do not have your 4 digit pin, select ‘forgotten your pin’ and follow the instructions. Alternatively contact your local centre and they can supply these for you. If we don’t have an up-to-date email address for you, you will need to contact your local centre or call 0161 207 7000.


What if I am not a member or don’t have an Oldham Active Card?

If you are not an existing Oldham Active member or a registered user, you can register your details where shortly after you will recieve an email with login instructions



How to make an online booking:

Step 1
Enter our booking system by visiting If you are not currently registered you will need to do so to access the system


Step 2
Enter your email address and 4 digit pin. If you’ve not used the system for a while, click on the ‘Edit my details’ button to make sure that your details are correct and up-to-date.


Step 3
Click on the centre of your choice, select your required activity and your preferred time and date.


Step 4
Confirm your booking by making a payment. This will be zero for Oldham Active members if the activity you wish to book is included in your membership. You will then receive your booking confirmation via email.

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