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You can book your favourite activities online in 2 ways:

Online bookings are available for members and non-members who pay and play. For non-members; Payment is required at the time of booking. If you can’t attend a booking we ask you cancel the booking with us at least 2 hours prior to the activity starting, for members failure to do so may incur fines being applied to accounts. Refunds for pay and play will only be considered if we receive a cancellation at least 24 hours before the activity is due to start. Your account and bookings can be managed through our bookings system, and this includes cancelling them. Read more terms and conditions below. 
Learn2 Home Portal. If you have a child on swimming lessons and want more information on registering/logging into the learn2 ‘Home Portal’ click here
Click here to view our bookings and membership terms and conditions

Below is all the guidance you need for using our booking system as well as details on our booking policy

To make an online booking you will need to be a member or a registered user. Read More +

To make an online booking you will need to be a member or a registered user. You will need login details to make a booking; email address and a password. To first log in and get/reset a password you will need your 7 digit ‘Membership ID number’ (not your card number) this will have been emailed to you when you first registered.

If you are a current Oldham Active member or have a casual pay and play account and have given us your e-mail address, you will already be registered for online bookings. If you do not have your password select ‘forgotten password’ and follow the instructions in the email, You may be required to submit your 7 digit ‘Membership ID number’ this will have been emailed to you when you first registered. If you need help retrieving contact us and our contact team can help. If there’s no email address linked to your account you won’t be able to log on, contact us and we can get an email address on your account.

If you are not an existing Oldham Active member or a registered user,  you can easily register your details by heading to the booking system below and get your login details immediately via email.

How to make bookings online. Read More +

If this is your first time booking and you do not have full log in details to access the system i.e. an email and password follow the steps below.

  • Step 1 – Enter our booking system by agreeing to our booking terms and conditions and ticking the check box below then click the Book Now button below.
    If you are an Oldham Active Fitness Member or existing pay and play booker go to step 3
  • Step 2 – If you are a first time user or not a member, first register your details.
  • Step 3 – Enter your email address and click “Forgotten your password” to reset and create a new password. This will be done via email.
  • Step 4 – Log in with your email address and new password.
  • Step 5 – In the search block, select the  centre of your choice, the required activity and the preferred time and date.
  • Step 6 – Confirm your booking by making a payment. This will be zero for members, if the booking is included in your package. You will then receive your booking confirmation via email.
  • Please note – if you’re inactive on our online booking portal for too long then your session will time out and you’ll be required to log in and start the booking process again.

Booking policy Terms and Conditions and Rules and Regulations for using the facilities. Read More +

Full terms and conditions are available here 

Registering attendance

Customers must not attend any activity without recording their attendance. It is the customers responsibility to register their attendance for all pre-booked and non-booked activities immediately prior to the session beginning. If attending multiple activities, all require registration. Registration can be done by swiping their card or fob at a centre reception, kiosk or fast track turnstile.

Booking cancellations

Customers that cannot attend a booking for whatever reason are obliged to cancel the booking. Cancellations of bookings can be done via the app, the web site booking portal or via the contact centre by telephone 0161 207 7000. Cancellations of any booking must be done as a minimum of 2 hours before the activity starts, if the customer fails to do so this may be recorded as a non-attendance.  

Availability of spaces for activity bookings, such as classes and badminton courts, is limited, it is important that when customers make a booking, they utilise that space or cancel with sufficient notice to allow others to use it. If a member makes a booking for an activity fails to attend, record their attendance or cancel in the agreed time frame, the customer may have a fine placed on their account (only applicable to members and not pay and play or active card holder customers).

If a pay and play customer cancels a booking, they may be eligible for a refund or credit on their account. If a pay and play customer fails to cancel a booking as a minimum of 24 hours before the activity starts, they will not be eligible for a refund or credit.  

Bowls, Badminton and Table Tennis bookings  

Badminton, Bowls and Table tennis bookings can be made for a maximum of 2 hours per day per member if it is part of the membership package purchased. Member’s guests pay just £2 each when joining in the activity. The member must be present and playing in the activity that they have booked. 2 hour sessions must be booked consecutively and cannot be booked simultaneously.

Members must present themselves and their guests to reception before taking part in the activity, fast Track option is not available for badminton, bowls and table tennis bookings. Barcoded tickets or wristbands may be given to allow access to the activity, customers must keep these and present if required to do so.

Your membership

All new members will be required to have a photo taken on their first visit, this will be attached to your account and associated entry card/band you will be issued with as part of your membership. Please keep this safe and ensure you use the card/band to gain access to our facilities on every visit.

It is the member’s responsibility to ensure your personal contact details (including home address, phone number and email address) and are kept up to date. This can be updated by contacting the team via email or calling into one of our sites.

Membership/subscription cards/bands

If you have a membership or subscription you will be given a membership card or band when you first visit an OCL Centre or when you sign up. You will need to bring this with you every time you visit to gain access to our Centre’s. Do not transfer your card or band or allow anybody else to use it. If you do allow others to use your membership card/band, we may terminate your membership contract. If you lose your card, you will be charged for a replacement. It is a requirement of your membership that your card or band must be produced on each visit.

Changing of programme  

We may change the Centre’s opening times or withdraw any of the facilities at any time if OCL deem they need to. Examples of this may be for tournaments, events, exhibitions or in connection with any repair, alteration, maintenance work, or for any other reason. Where possible, we will inform you in advance of any significant or permanent changes to opening hours, programmes or access to facilities via notices on site and the website. Some sessions may be programmed that restrict your access to facilities. Such programming may also be subject to change. No refunds will be made due to such programming changes or disruptions as noted above. However, in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of management the no refund rule may be amended.

Our people and your behaviour

You will behave in a considerate and polite manner to all staff and fellow customers. You will not swear at staff or act in any way which our staff may find offensive, abusive or inappropriate. You will comply with all reasonable instructions given by our staff in relation to your conduct and use of our Centre’s. At all times the management reserve the right to refuse admission and to revoke or suspend memberships/subscriptions.

Our equipment

You will use all equipment and facilities in our Centre with reasonable care. You will not mistreat any equipment or facilities, or use equipment/facilities other than for the purpose for which they are intended. You should return all equipment to its correct place after use. If hiring equipment, it needs to be returned in the same condition prior to hiring or the deposit may be retained.

Our customers

You are not permitted to enter the facilities or partake in activities when under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and you agree to comply with our etiquette policies which are available on our website


  I agree to terms and conditions in the bookings policy outlined above

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