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Oldham Active operates a call centre through which all bookings are centralised across all facilities, supported by online web & mobile applications for booking and payment:

Casual and Membership Activity Categories Cancellation & Refund

  •  For casual pay and play activity a minimum of 24 hours must be given for cancellation of all pre-booked activities in order to receive a refund for the value of that activity;
  • Cancellations can be made by phone or in person, and credits for web transactions have to be obtained via call centre or in centre.
  • For members more information can be found here for booking and cancellations of sessions and activities https://oclactive.co.uk/membership-terms-and-conditions/.

 Block Bookings Cancellation & Refund

  •  A minimum of one month’s notification must be given in order to completely cancel a Block Booking. A refund of any additional payments of unused sessions will be made once the cancellation notice has been confirmed by the Centre.
  • A minimum of 14 days’ notice must be given to cancel a single session within the Block Booking.
  • Exemption to VAT will cease if any session is cancelled by the Club/ Association.

 Course Bookings Cancellations and Refunds

  •  Oldham Community Leisure reserves the right to cancel any course. Courses are run with minimum levels of attendances and are therefore subject to demand. OCL will provide a refund to customers where OCL has cancelled a course or session. If only part of the course is cancelled, the refund will be pro-rota;
  • The customer is not entitled to a refund of course fees for any sessions they fail to attend;
  • If the person enrolled on the course has suffered ill heath, sickness and/ or injury which has prevented them from taking part on the course, a refund will only be issued on receipt of a valid medical certificate or a doctors/ hospital note.

Gym Etiquette

  • Appropriate and comfortable gym wear and trainers must be worn at all times
  • All free weights must be carefully placed back onto the holders and racks – please do not drop onto the floor
  • We ask that mobile phones are used in an appropriate considerate manner. We ask that customers do not take up the use of equipment if they are using their phones. We also ask that customers do not take photos of other customers.
  • Wipe down equipment after use – paper towels are available
  • At busy peak times, time is restricted to no longer than 20 minutes on each machine
  • Please inform staff of any changes in your medical condition or medication that may effect your ability to train safely
  • If you feel dizzy, short of breath or unwell at any time, stop exercising and speak to a member of the gym team or summon help via the panic alarms
  • Please ask a member of the gym team to show you how to use any of the equipment if you’re unsure
  • Any person/s engaging in inappropriate behaviour may be asked to end their session
  • Oldham Active cannot be held responsible for the security of personal property – please look after your valuables and use the lockers provided

Pool Admissions Policy

The safety of non-swimmers* and children is the responsibility of the supervising adult who is to be in attendance at all times. The supervising adult must maintain a constant watch over the children and be in close contact with those that are under the age of 8, or are weak or non-swimmers*.

All children under the age of 8 must be accompanied in the water by a parent or responsible adult (aged 18 years and over). An adult cannot be responsible for supervising more than two children under the age of 8.

All non-swimmers* must wear a floatation device unless closely supervised on a one-to-one basis by an adult who can swim*. All non swimmers and those wearing floatation devices are restricted to the designated shallow areas at all times and are not permitted to enter water of a depth greater than 1.35m.

In order that lifeguards can effectively monitor the supervision policy, customers may be asked to demonstrate their swimming ability – we are grateful for your co-operation in helping us to ensure your safety.

*The definition of the ability to swim is defined as the capacity to swim a recognised stroke unaided for a minimum of 50 metres, Jump from the side into water of 1.5 metres or more so that the head fully submerges and tread water for a minimum of 1 minute.

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