Membership Terms and Conditions

Published 29 November 2023


To understand our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to us, please read these terms and conditions. Please remember that when signing up to any of our sites, facilities or groups, extra terms and conditions may apply. Your agreement is with us, Oldham Community Leisure Limited (“Oldham Active”) and these terms and conditions form part of your agreement with us. Your agreement with us is based on your choices from your online purchase (completed in and/or outside of a leisure facility), these terms and conditions and the rules and regulations which apply at the centre you are using. These documents together form a legal agreement between us, so please make sure that you read them carefully and understand them.

To help make these terms and conditions easy to understand, we have split them into two sections.

  • Section 1 – Terms and Conditions of Memberships and Subscriptions. All members must adhere to the same terms and conditions, including adult and child members/subscriptions whose memberships/subscriptions are linked to other members/subscriptions and child members/subscriptions whose application form has been signed on their behalf by an adult.
  • Section 2 – Rules and Regulations for Using Facilities. These terms and conditions apply to all our members/subscription holders and their guests. They are necessary to make sure we can offer an enjoyable and safe environment for you, other members and customers and guests to share during every visit to any Oldham Active facility.

These terms and conditions always apply and take priority over anything a member of our team has told you. These terms and conditions replace any previous versions. At all times, the management reserve the right to refuse admission and to revoke or suspend memberships/subscriptions.

If you have any queries, please ask a member of staff at the centre, or email us at

Section 1 – Terms and Conditions of Memberships and Subscriptions.

1.1 Varieties of Memberships and Subscriptions

Oldham Active offer various types of memberships/subscriptions for Health and Fitness, Swimming Lessons, Gymnastics/Trampolining and sports. The facilities available to you, the amount you pay and the times when you can use the centre will depend on your choice of membership. The membership you have chosen has been described when you have joined online and will also be confirmed to you by email. Full details of types of membership can also be found on the website If you have chosen a membership that is discounted, such as a concession or a corporate membership, the necessary documentation will need to be shown at least every twelve months to take advantage of continued discounts with these memberships. We expect members that take advantage of corporate or concessionary rates, to inform us immediately when their circumstances (that satisfy the discount) change so the correct membership rate can be applied. You may for example have left a company that enabled you to enjoy the discounted corporate price and when this occurs, or documentation is not provided we will advise you of the change and you will automatically default to the appropriate non-discounted membership package and price unless you choose an alternative package. Your membership is personal to you and is non-transferable. You must not lend your membership card to another person. If another person uses your membership card, the agreement will be withdrawn, and a penalty charge may be levied.

As the primary member you are accepting these terms on behalf of all that fall under the membership/subscription you have taken. If you choose a monthly membership, monthly means every calendar month. There are several Direct Debit collection dates available to select: 1st, 8th, 15th and 25th of the month. References to a month in these terms and conditions means a full calendar month from your chosen Direct Debit date. Within 3 days of purchasing a membership with Oldham Active you will receive an e-mail providing the full details of your membership subscription, the price, and the terms in which you have agreed to be bound and how to start using your membership/subscription.

Junior swimming course and Gymnastic and Trampolining direct debit fees are not refunded for planned closures, including Christmas and Bank Holidays, nor child absence. Direct debit membership for swimming lessons includes unlimited free swimming at any pool, including those open on Bank Holidays.

1.2 Fitness Membership types

Classic fitness memberships include access to ONE centre identified as a ‘Home club’ and gives use of all the facilities listed in your membership outlined at the point of joining. Your home club may be changed through a request in writing to Classic members can book activities up to 7 days in advance.

Ultimate memberships have access to ALL Oldham Active Centre’s and can use of all the facilities listed in your membership outlined at the point of joining. Ultimate members can book up to 8 days in advance.

Legacy Plus memberships include access to ALL Oldham Active Centres and can use of all the facilities listed, excluding racquet sports in your membership outlined at the point of joining. Legacy Plus members can book up to 7 days in advance.

Legacy Premium memberships include access to ALL Oldham Active Centres and can use of all the facilities listed in your membership outlined at the point of joining. Legacy Plus members can book up to 8 days in advance.

1.3 Casual/Pay and Play

Oldham Active provides Pay and Play accounts for customers. These subscriptions allow you to create an account and use Oldham active facilities on a pay and play basis. Whilst there are no ongoing contractual obligations regarding payments elements of these terms and conditions do apply such as activity bookings and not lending cards or accounts to other people.

1.4 Payment

For all customers joining on a membership, it is important that you read the payment terms and conditions carefully. Your purchase is non-refundable after the cooling off period, which is 14 days from the date you ‘sign’ this agreement (this is signed electronically). We may change our monthly membership fees by any amount we think is reasonable. As a maximum we would aim to change the fee once a calendar year, however we cannot guarantee this. We will tell you about any change that will apply to you and will give you at least 28 days’ notice before the changes come into effect, in line with the Direct Debit Guarantee. Our direct debit memberships are managed by Debit Finance collections PLC (“DFC”). If you want to discuss your Direct Debit, please contact Oldham Active, phone: 0161 2007 7000 email: or Chadderton Wellbeing Centre, Burnley Street, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 0JW.

From time to time, we make reasonable changes to your membership pricing.  Any price increases will aim to be in line with UK CPI inflation rates.

1.5 Annual/Upfront Payment

An annual/upfront payment is paid in full at the time of joining and as a member choosing this option you pay your membership fees upfront. At the end of the upfront period, your membership will need to be renewed at site or online as it comes to an end. This can be done in advance of it expiring to allow continued use. There is no guarantee that the price or package initially bought will be available.

Annual/upfront paid for Memberships which are renewed and paid in a lump sum are non-refundable. Oldham will automatically cancel your Membership at the end of the term unless you choose to renew it. If your Membership expires you will lose the right to your previous price guarantee.

1.6 Direct Debit Flexible, Month by Month Payment

In choosing this payment option you are committing to pay a monthly amount by Direct Debit that can be cancelled at any time. The first payment will be the pro-rata fee that covers the period of membership up to your first direct debit date. The second payment is one complete month’s Direct Debit fee. If you want to cancel this membership following these payments, you must do so as detailed in section 1.10 of these terms and conditions.

1.7 Inclusive Price and reduced rates

In choosing to join Oldham Active on a membership/subscription option you are choosing an all-inclusive monthly or annual price. At times the programme or activities may be affected by a bank holiday or seasonal opening times, and this has been considered when pricing the packages available. At times incidents may result in small closures of certain activities, for example, planned or emergency maintenance; health & safety reasons or for improvements that will benefit members. Oldham Active always looks to minimise this impact by ensuring that other facilities are available.

To qualify for any reduced rates, for example concession memberships, you must show the correct and current proof of identification. If you no longer qualify for a reduced rate, you must inform us immediately and we will change your membership to a current standard rate for the remainder of your contract. Notwithstanding this, if we become aware that you no longer qualify for a reduced rate, we may change your membership to a current standard rate for the remainder of your contract.

1.8 Changes to your Membership/Subscription

When we make changes that may affect you, we will give you notice of the changes we plan to make, as a minimum, by displaying the changes in the centre and on the Oldham Active website at least 28 days before. If you are not happy with the changes, you can cancel as explained in section 1.10 of these terms and conditions. We may make reasonable changes to these terms and conditions. At times Oldham Active recognises that you may wish to suspend or freeze your membership due to one of your limited rights to cancel. The limited rights are medical illness, pregnancy, redundancy or moving out of the area with a distance from one of our centres we deem significant. In the first instance please contact a member of staff at the centre or e-mail using We will require you to provide evidence to support the suspension/freeze and if appropriate we will liaise with you and your local GP to see if alternative physical activity within Oldham Active maybe more appropriate. A membership can be suspended/frozen by yourself for any reason, without evidence, for up to three months and there is an administration fee of £5 per month. A membership can be suspended/frozen for up to six months with no administration fee, upon receipt of valid medical documentation. If you have an annual upfront membership  choose to freeze your membership, the number of months you freeze for will be added to the end of your existing period..

1.9 Memberships for Young People

Memberships for young people are available for those 18 years and under. When a young person who has a membership turns 19 years of age, they must then choose the appropriate membership type as they are no longer able to have a young person’s membership. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must validate this agreement on your behalf. By validating this Agreement, your parent or guardian agrees to be responsible for your behaviour and actions at all times and to pay us any amounts that are due on your behalf.

1.10 Cancelling your membership

The Cooling-off period You can choose to cancel your membership within 14 days of joining and we will give you a full refund that you are owed. If you wish to cancel your membership during the cooling off period, you can notify us in writing on email E: or by calling them on T: 0161 207 7000.

After the Cooling-off period You can choose to cancel your membership at any time, by completing our “Application to Cancel” form or cancelling your direct debit with your bank. Our online cancellation form can be accessed  on the Oldham Active Mobile App or by visiting the Oldham Active Website Once your cancellation application has been submitted a member of our team will process your cancellation.

1.11 Collecting your monthly subscriptions

DFC manage and collect our Direct Debits on behalf of Oldham Active. If you would like to make a complaint with the service you have received from DFC, this should be in writing or by email to

We understand that from time to time missed Direct Debit payments may occur. You can reinstate your Direct Debit by making a payment at any of our sites or through our Customer Service Team on 0161 207 7000 or If you haven’t followed this process within 45 days of the missed Direct Debit, your membership will be cancelled, and you will be required to set up a new membership on new terms and membership fees.


1.12 Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing & Health Commitment

Your health and wellbeing are important to us, we recognise and promote the positive impact physical activity can have on your health and wellbeing. You are responsible for monitoring your own physical condition. In joining Oldham Active you are accepting to adhere to our “Health Commitment Statement” which displayed at the point of joining. You will also receive a copy of our Health Commitment Statement in your welcome email. This is available to view on our website and at each site.

1.13 When we can’t provide a service or facility

There may be a time when we are unable to provide a service or facility for you beyond our reasonable control at your centre. If this happens and we cannot provide a service or facility at your centre or an alternative Oldham Community Leisure centre within one calendar month, you (or we) can cancel our agreement immediately after giving notice in writing.

1.14 Breaches and our Termination

If we take no action regarding a breach of this agreement or give you extra time to pay or comply, it will not stop us strictly enforcing the terms of this agreement at a future date.

We may terminate this agreement with immediate effect on notice to you if you are in breach of the centre/scheme rules or you do not make payments to us when due. In this event you will not be liable to pay any further Direct Debit payments, provided such breach is not deemed by us to have occurred primarily to qualify you for termination or a refund. No pre-paid instalments, annual memberships or fees will be refunded on termination of this agreement.

This agreement is governed under English Law.

Section 2 – Rules and Regulations for using facilities.

2.1 Registering attendance

Customers must not attend any activity without recording their attendance. It is the customers responsibility to register their attendance for all pre-booked and non-booked activities immediately prior to the session beginning. If attending multiple activities, all require registration. Registration can be done by swiping their card or fob at a centre reception or fast track turnstile.

2.2 Booking cancellations

Customers that cannot attend a booking for whatever reason are obliged to cancel the booking. Cancellations of bookings can be done via the app, the web site booking portal or via the contact centre by telephone 0161 207 7000. Cancellations of any booking must be done as a minimum of 2 hours before the activity starts. If the customer fails to do so this may be recorded as a non-attendance.  

Availability of spaces for activity bookings, such as classes and badminton courts, is limited. It is important that when customers make a booking, they utilise that space or cancel with sufficient notice to allow others to use it. If a member makes a booking for an activity fails to attend, record their attendance, or cancel in the agreed time frame, the customer may have a fine placed on their account (only applicable to members and not pay and play or active card holder customers).

If a pay and play customer cancels a booking, they may be eligible for a refund or credit on their account. If a pay and play customer fails to cancel a booking as a minimum of 24 hours before the activity starts, they will not be eligible for a refund or credit. 

2.2 Bowls, Badminton and Table Tennis bookings  

Badminton, Bowls and Table tennis bookings can be made for a maximum of 2 hours per day per member if it is part of the membership package purchased. Member’s guests pay a fee for per guest, per hour when participating in the activity. The member must be present and playing in the activity that they have booked. 2-hour sessions must be booked consecutively and cannot be booked simultaneously.

Members must present themselves and their guests to reception before taking part in the activity, fast Track option is not available for badminton, bowls or table tennis bookings. Barcoded tickets or wristbands may be given to allow access to the activity, customers must keep these and present if required to do so.

2.3 Your membership

All new members will be required to have a photo taken on their first visit, this will be attached to your account and associated entry fob/band you will be issued with as part of your membership. Please keep this safe and ensure you use the fob/band to gain access to our facilities on every visit.

It is the member’s responsibility to ensure your personal contact details (including home address, phone number and email address) and are kept up to date. This can be updated by contacting the team via email or calling into one of our sites.

2.4 Membership/subscription fobs & bands

If you have a membership or subscription, you will be given a membership fob or band when you first visit an OCL Centre or when you sign up. You will need to bring this with you every time you visit to gain access to our Centre’s. Do not transfer your card or band or allow anybody else to use it. If you do allow others to use your membership card/band, we may terminate your membership contract. If you lose your card, you will be charged for a replacement. It is a requirement of your membership that your card or band must be produced on each visit.

2.5 Changing of programme  

We may change the Centre’s opening times or withdraw any of the facilities at any time if OCL deem they need to. Examples of this may be for tournaments, events, exhibitions or in connection with any repair, alteration, maintenance work, or for any other reason. Where possible, we will inform you in advance of any significant or permanent changes to opening hours, programmes, or access to facilities via notices on site and the website. Some sessions may be programmed that restrict your access to facilities. Such programming may also be subject to change. No refunds will be made due to such programming changes or disruptions as noted above. However, in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of management the no refund rule may be amended.


2.6 Our people and your behaviour

You will behave in a considerate and polite manner to all staff and fellow customers. You will not swear at staff or act in any way which our staff may find offensive, abusive, or inappropriate. You will comply with all reasonable instructions given by our staff in relation to your conduct and use of our Centre’s. At all times the management reserve the right to refuse admission and to revoke or suspend memberships/subscriptions.

2.7 Our equipment

You will use all equipment and facilities in our Centre with reasonable care. You will not mistreat any equipment or facilities or use equipment/facilities other than for the purpose for which they are intended. You should return all equipment to its correct place after use. If hiring equipment, it needs to be returned in the same condition prior to hiring or the deposit may be retained.


2.8 Our customers

You are not permitted to enter the facilities or partake in activities when under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and you agree to comply with our etiquette policies which are available on our website

2.9 Data Protection

Oldham Active fully adheres to the principles of Data Protection and GDPR. Full details of our privacy policy are available on our website


Health Commitment 

Our commitment to you

  1. We will respect your personal choice, and allow you to make your own decisions about what exercise you can carry out. However, we ask you not to exercise beyond what you consider to be your own abilities.
  2. We will take reasonable steps to make sure that our equipment and facilities are clean and safe for you to use and enjoy for the normal purpose they were intended for. Bear in mind that we are not able to clean or inspect equipment and facilities after each use.
  3. We will take reasonable steps to make sure that our staff are qualified to Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity standards.
  4. If you tell us you have a disability that puts you at a substantial disadvantage in terms of accessing our equipment and facilities, we will consider which adjustments, if any, are reasonable for us to make.

Your commitment to us

  1. Do not exercise beyond your own abilities. If you know or are concerned that you have a medical condition that might interfere with you exercising safely, you should get advice from a relevant medical professional before you use our equipment and facilities, and follow it.
  2. Make yourself aware of any rules and instructions, including warning notices, and follow them. Exercise carries its own risks. When you are exercising, you are responsible for the risks involved. You should not carry out any activities that you have been told are not suitable for you.
  3. Let us know immediately if our equipment or facilities are unsafe to use or if you feel ill when using our equipment or facilities. Our staff members are not qualified doctors, but there will be someone available who has been trained in first aid.
  4. If you have a disability, follow the instructions provided to allow you to exercise safely.
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