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    Children’s swimming lessons

    At Oldham Active, we offer Swimming Lessons to cater for all ability levels, ensuring that we deliver the highest standards of swimming excellence. Our Active Swimming Lessons offer a comprehensive range of lessons from your baby’s first experience in the pool through to competitive swimming, lifesaving skills and Adult Lessons plus much more.


    If you’d like your child to start our Oldham Active Swimming Lessons, simply complete our online form. Following this, a member of
    the Aquatics Team will contact you to arrange your sessions.

    Click here to download our full swimming lessons brochure, to find out all about the courses we offer, as well as details on progressing through the course, payment details and lots more.

    Oldham Active swimming lessons

    Swimming is not only a great way of keeping fit, but it is also a valuable step to increase the safety of children in and around water.

    Swimming is an essential life skill; this skill is forever with them. In their later years their longevity and quality of life will be enhanced by swimming. This is a point that has been recognised by the government with the inclusion of swimming in the National Curriculum.

    Oldham Active swimming lessons are available across all 5 of our centres, 7 days a week, with various times offered to help fit in around you. Lessons run throughout the year meaning you can start our courses at any time, whilst ensuring continuous improvement for all children.

    Our swimming lessons are:

    • Suitable for children aged from 3.5 years
    • Fun, friendly and positive
    • Carried out by fully qualified teachers
    • Group and one-to-one tuition to suit all abilities
    • Easy to manage with our online portal and direct debit payment system
    • Delivered on a rolling basis, meaning your child can progress at their  own pace
    • Free swimming outside of their lessons if you pay via direct debit

    If you’d like your child to start Oldham Active swimming lessons, simply complete the online enquiry form or download our brochure, fill in the form on the last page and hand in at reception at your local centre. Following this, you will be added to the waiting list and a member of the Aquatics Team will be in contact once a space is available for lessons.

    Oldham Active Penguin Course

    Our courses are available across all centres over 7 days a week with various times offered and run throughout the year to ensure continuous improvement for all children. Each level is carefully aligned with all varying ability levels, ensuring that we deliver training that is fun, exciting and achievable, making your childs prgress easier and quicker.
    Parent & Baby
    Adult & Child
    Beginners Red Hats
    Beginners Orange Hats
    Improvers Yellow Hats
    Improvers Green Hats
    Advanced Blue Hats
    Advanced Purple Hats
    Pre Club 1 & 2

    Parent & Baby

    What do they learn?

    Enjoy songs and games to introduce your baby to water,building confidence and a close relationship with parent and baby.



    Discover Duckling 1 | Discover Duckling 2 | Discover Duckling 3 | Discover Duckling 4 | Duckling 1 | Duckling 2

    Adult & Child

    What do they learn?

    Enjoy songs and games to introduce your child to water, building confidence in the water to help them move onto the Penguin swimming programme.



    Duckling 1 | Duckling 2 | Duckling 3 | Duckling 4 |  Penguin 1, 2 years plus

    Beginners Red Hats

    What do they learn?

    By the end of this level, children will be able to complete the FUNdamentals of swimming. Including flotation, rotation, submersion and basic stroke skills. 



    Penguin 1 | Penguin 2 | Penguin 3 | Penguin 4 | Penguin 5 | Penguin 6 | Penguin 7 | 5 Metre Badge

    Beginners Orange Hats

    What do they learn?

    Children will develop their water safety knowledge and have the skills to safely submerge, travel front & back and progress rotation skills.



    Penguin 8 | 10 Metre Badge | Stage 1

    Improvers Yellow Hats

    What do they learn?

    This level will see your child develop to their National Plan Stage 2 award. They will develop their basic breathing techniques and start basic breaststroke.



    15 Metre Badge | 20 Metre Badge | Stage 2

    Improvers Green Hats

    What do they learn?

    National Plan Stage 3 will test water safety skills and will focus on rotation, gliding and submersion skills as well as their effective stroke skills.



    25 Metre Badge | Stage 3

    Advanced Blue Hats

    What do they learn?

    Your child will develop a better understanding of buoyancy and refine skills such as sculling, treading water and complete rotations. All strokes will be completed to a high standard. 



    50 Metre Badge | Stage 4 | Stage 5

    Advanced Purple Hats

    What do they learn?

    In this level children develop effective stroke techniques up to 100m and incorporate the skills learnt so far and learn how to combine those into an effective training routine.



    100 Metre Badge | Stage 6 | Stage 7 | Personal Survival 1 | Personal Survival 2

    Pre Club 1 & 2

    What do they learn?

    Children will be able to complete comprehensive drill sessions, with correct technique on all turns between strokes.



    200 Metre Badge | 400 Metre Badge |
    Swimming Stage 8 | Bronze Award | 800 Metre Badge |  Swimming Stage 9 |  Swimming Stage 10 | Silver Award | Gold Award | Honours

    Information about the lessons

    What to wear in lessons

    1 Piece Swimming Costume / Trunks / Shorts. Leggings and long sleeve tops are allowed under swimming costume. Nothing loose fitted below the knee.

    Correct coloured Oldham Community Leisure Swimming Hat Blue Hat and above can wear goggles.

    No jewellery to be worn (unless it is a medical alert or for religious reasons- this will be at the teacher’s discretion) which will not interfere in the lesson, or cause a health and safety issue.

    Swimming nappy must be worn if your child is not toilet trained.

    Before the lesson

    Once you have been allocated a swimming lesson day and time, please go to reception before the first lesson so you can pick up your swimming lesson access card.

    This will allow you quick access to the centre and allow you to register for our Learn2 portal. Your child will need to wear a swimming costume or shorts, and will need a towel and any toiletries needed for changing afterwards.

    During the lesson

    Lessons are 30 minutes long, which we have found to be very effective as young children learn very quickly. However, it can help if you take your child swimming in between lessons to practice skills learnt within their lesson.

    Lessons are structured, but like in the early years at school, play is a key feature in ensuring they get the most out of the programme and enjoy their first experience of swimming. Play also encourages confidence in the water that in turn aids progression. Lessons become more structured as children develop skills and confidence in the water.

    What to bring

    Turnstile/active card

    Correct swimming attire

    Swimming hat


    Bottle of water for development classes (no glass)

    Shower supplies if wanting to use the shower after

    £1.00 for locker use

    Money for badge if email has been received


    How do I enroll my child onto Oldham Active Swimming Lessons?

    If you’d like your child to start our Oldham Active Swimming Lessons, simply complete the online form or download our brochure and fill in the enquiry form on the last page and hand in at reception at your local centre. Following this, a member of the Aquatics Team will contact you to arrange your sessions.

    Alternatively  you can speak to one of our contact team on 0161 207 7000.

    From time to time, you may be added to our waiting list until a space becomes available, as our lessons are extremely popular. If this is the case we operate on a first come first served basis to ensure we allocate spaces in the fairest possible way.

    What other swimming lessons do you offer?

    As well as our popular penguin course, we also offer the following:

    • Parent and Baby classes for under 2 year olds
    • Parent and child lessons for children 2 years plus
    • Intensive Learn to Swim programmes for those wanting to progress quickly
    • Adult-only swimming lessons, so you can learn to swim with just adults
    • Advanced Training Squad for elite swimmers


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