Junior Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics is a fun, exciting sport that can help children build self-confidence and encourage them to be disciplined. By learning gymnastics, children can push themselves beyond their comfort zones and develop their movement, balance, flexibility and strength skills.

Our gymnastics classes use various equipment such as boxes, bars, and beams, and we will ensure your child’s safety by only employing coaches who have been certified by British Gymnastics and have undergone a DBS check. We offer three types of junior gymnastic classes for children aged 4 and above, held weekly at Failsworth Sports Centre in Oldham. Please continue reading below to find out more.

In addition to our junior classes, we provide a new Gym Mini class for children aged 2-4 years, every Tuesday. Visit our Gym Mini’s page here for more information.

Children sit in group listening to Gymnastic instructor give instructionsGymnastic Fundamentals

Age: 4-5 & 5-6 years

Your child will have the opportunity to practise fundamental skills such as forward and backward rolls. Teaching your child how to execute these basic movements safely and properly will lay the groundwork for his or her success in various sports and activities.

Location: Failsworth Sports Centre, Oldham

Price: £27.50 p/m

Gymnastic Fundamentals Timetable:

Monday 5.00pm – 5.40pm (4-5yrs) 5.45pm – 6.25pm (5-6yrs)
Wednesday 4.00pm – 4.40pm (4-5yrs) 4.45pm – 5.25pm (5-6yrs)
Friday 5.00pm – 5.40pm (4-5yrs) 5.45pm – 6.25pm (5-6yrs)
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Focus on child performing a crab, other children in gymnastic class take partGymnastic Progressive

Age: 6-7 & 7-8 years

Your child will learn progressive skills such as cartwheels and handstands. This class aims to motivate and inspire children to improve and advance their gymnastics abilities to the next level.

Location: Failsworth Sports Centre, Oldham

Price: £27.50 p/m

Gymnastic Progressive Timetable:

Monday 6.30pm – 7.10pm (6-8yrs)  
Wednesday 5.30pm – 6.10pm (6-7yrs) 6.15pm – 6.55pm (7-8yrs)
Friday 6.30pm – 7.10pm (6-8yrs)  
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Children in gymnastic class using a bar

Gymnastic Advanced

Age: 8+

Gymnastic Advanced is intended for children who have mastered their floor skills and want to develop and improve their skills further during training.

Location: Failsworth Sports Centre, Oldham

Price: £27.50 p/m

Gymnastic Advanced Timetable:

Monday 7.15pm – 7.55pm  
Wednesday 7.00pm – 7.40pm  
Friday 7.15pm – 7.55pm  
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Gymnastics Classes FAQ’s

Are your coaches qualified and DBS checked?

Our coaches possess a recognised qualification from British Gymnastics and have undergone a DBS check.


What should my child wear in class?

  • Your child should wear comfortable clothing such as shorts, a t-shirt, or a leotard. Long hair must be tied back, and all jewellery must be removed before class.
  • Children need to have bare feet when taking part in classes.


Will I need to stay with my child during the class?

  • If your child is under 7 years old, we require a parent or guardian to stay in the room during class. 
  • For children aged 8 years and above, parents or guardians are welcome to use the facilities at the centre or go off-site. However, please ensure we have an up-to-date contact number in case of an emergency.
  • If you choose to use the facilities or go off site, you must be back to collect your child on time from the gymnastics class.


Do we receive any kind of written report or feedback?

There are no written progress reports available. Please speak with the gymnastics coach for updates on your child’s development.


Will my child achieve awards?

Your child can achieve 10 awards as they progress through our gymnastic classes. The awarding grades start from level 1 and progress up to level 10. Each level consists of ten skills, and once your child has passed all ten skills, they can purchase a badge and a certificate to celebrate their achievement. The skills will become more challenging as they move up to the next award.

How do you assess when children are ready to move into a different class?

When a space opens in a class, a child will be selected to move up based on age and ability.

Will my child attend competitions?

We currently do not attend any gymnastics competitions.

How can I make payments?

Payments are to be made monthly by direct debit. Any other amounts due can be paid at reception or by calling our contact team.

Do you offer gymnastic classes for toddlers?

We offer gym-minis classes for children aged 2-4 every Tuesday at Failsworth Sports Centre, from 9:15am-9:55am and 10am-10:40am. Find out more about Gym-mini’s here



If you’d like more information about our classes please contact us info@ocll.co.uk

To register your child for a place on our gymnastics classes please use the online booking form.









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