Debunking Detox Diets

One of the most common questions in the gym is ‘Do I really need to Detox?’


What is Detoxing?

If you are unaware of what detoxing is or what ‘going on a detox’ looks like, despite the scientific wording, it’s actually pretty simple. A detox is the removal of toxins in your body to supposedly promote better health and weight loss. It’s becoming an increasingly popular method of improving your health.


This sounds great, why shouldn’t I try it?

To the unaware, this could sound like a ground-breaking, revolutionary new way to lose some weight; however, it very much isn’t. In short detoxing isn’t effective; it doesn’t work. The way our bodies are designed and function means that they essentially already have their own detoxing system that occurs naturally. This system is made up of a few key organs such as the skin, the liver, the lymphatic system, and the kidneys. While this all may sound extremely scientific, it just essentially means that we excrete these toxins naturally, through the likes of urine, for example.


What about all the people who have tried it and love it?

If you know someone who has detoxed and you are wondering why they say they feel so amazing despite the information provided today is simple. A small part of it is a placebo; by performing an act that is supposed to make your body healthier, your brain can trick you into making you think that it has done its job as expected. Another part is because of the actual detox process, but it’s very much not because of you getting rid of these toxins manually. It is due to the ingredients used when you detox, they will make you lose weight, but this is purely water weight which you will put back on. Ultimately, it is a short term morale booster with little to no health benefits.


What can I do instead of a Detox?

There are much better ways to improve your health, in fact detoxing is way down the list. Consistent exercise, a good diet, and improved sleep are all much more efficient ways to improve your health without detoxing.

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