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Oldham Active Business Games

What a fantastic five weeks we’ve had so far at the Oldham Active Business Games (OABG). We’ve witnessed fierce competition, sheer determination and beaming smiles on all of the competitors’ faces.

We kicked off proceedings with a night of Go Karting at Team Karting in Rochdale, and this set the tone for the level of competition in store! The smell of oil in the air combined with the screams of the teams as they spurred on their team-mates in this electrifying relay race made it a night to remember. We knew instantly that the Business Games were off to a solid start.


Bouncing enthusiastically into week two, the teams took to a visit to Extreme Air for trampolining. But not just any trampolining. This was Ultimate Dodgeball trampolining.


All in good spirits, the teams took to their mats with fire in their eyes, and a determination to be the last ones standing. The first ball was fired, and the competition really reached new heights.


When all the action had died down, one team emerged victorious. The leaderboard was really hotting up. Two weeks of fierce competition led us full pelt into week three.


Saddleworth Cookery School was the setting for the third week. After two active weeks of Go Karting and Trampolining, the tempo may have decreased but the competitive nature of our teams hadn’t. Baking up a storm in the kitchen, the teams had a two-fold challenge.

  1. Bake 9 carrot cupcakes, uniform in size and bake
  2. Decorate all of them identically with an owl, drawing inspiration from the Oldham owl

There were some incredible efforts from the teams, and we loved watching their artistic talents flow into gorgeous cakes.


Week four saw competition levels peak. Oldham Active PT’s put the teams to the test with a Strictly Fitness event at Radclyffe Athletics Centre which saw teams compete in several events such as running a squat race, team tug of war and a sprint race. Already over half way into the competition, every point was to play for, and the teams pushed themselves to the limit.


Dabbers at the ready, week five took us to Mecca Bingo in Oldham for a night of fun. Who knew bingo could be so intense! Cheers rippled across the teams as numbers were called, and many a sigh of disappointment when competitors were pipped to the post for the win.


This can only mean one thing. After 5 weeks of incredible competition, the final is next. And we’re off to Molino Lounge in Oldham for a Cocktail Masterclass and Quiz Night. We can’t wait. It’s all to play for now and we can’t wait to see who the victorious team is.

All of our competing teams are more than worthy of being crowned the champions.


One thing that has been so striking throughout this competition is the teamwork. We’ve been absolutely blown away by how the teams have rallied together to get each and every very important point.


Think the last few weeks have sounded amazing? Good! Because now you’ve had a taste of what’s in store, we’re going to do it all again very soon.


We’re busy finalising all of the exciting events and planning 6 weeks of fantastic fun for all of our competitors. We will be announcing a new list of games for Oldham businesses to take part in very soon.


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