Oldham Leisure Centre Car Park Update

Customer Information – Oldham Leisure Centre Car Park

There are some changes coming into effect regarding our car park restrictions at Oldham Leisure Centre, these changes will come into effect as of 1st June 2023.  

The car park at Oldham Leisure Centre is for leisure centre customers whist taking part in activities within the leisure centre. The period of parking is to match the period of use within the leisure centre. We are applying a 4 hour, 1 hour no return limit on stay. For people who are not using the leisure centre there will be a fixed £25 charge, regardless of length of stay.

All customers who park in our car park and attend the leisure centre can continue to do so free of charge for a maximum of 4 hours. Customers need to ensure they validate their ticket in the centre before leaving. To do this, car park tickets are to be scanned at the machine by reception on the way out.

For all non-users of the leisure centre, a fixed charge will apply of £25 per day, which must be paid at reception before leaving the car park.

There will be an initial 20 minute window for drop offs and to check if there is parking available at busy times. There will be no charges applied during this time and tickets do not need to be validated.

We hope this step we have taken will deter non-users from using our car park, allowing our customers to always have a space available in peak hours. 

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