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    Oldham Youth Forum is based at the heart of Coldhurst and Westwood community. It is a new organisation that aims to help the youth in our areas.

    We are a group of 11 members who are close friends and families. Our aims are to assist the young people in our areas and guide them to a secure and prospective future for them. There are many people from our community who disregard these youth because they have chosen an inadequate way to live their lives and display anti social behaviours.

    This organisation is all about showing our support and putting the trust back into these youth. Our community is full of goodness and not only is this affecting our community but its giving a bad reputation to our wider community which is unfortunate. No community would want to be known as a drug selling community, it casts bad images on our very much loved community. These youth are our future and it is dependant on them for our future generation. We want our community to be known as a welcoming and safe community where different ethnicities are welcome to walk into our community without having this fear of violence or crime. To do that we need to start showing our support and start building that trust in them because they are the future of tomorrow.

    We are having our annual Under 21 7-a-side Tournament at Grange on 19th June.


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