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James Osborne

Name: James Osborne

Location: Saddleworth Pool & Leisure Centre

Mobile: 0749 656 0887



I am a fitness enthusiast who loves a physical & mental challenge.
I have been a Personal Trainer since 2014, working with a variety of clients with different goals & needs; from improving fitness levels, weight loss and performance to injury rehab, pre & post operations.
I have a degree in Sports Physiology, ACA Nutrition graduate & DTS Level 1. I have also progressed to a high level within one of the leading Personal Training companies in the country.
I love meeting new people, discussing what you want & how I can help you achieve your target. I offer a FREE consultation, in which I will listen to what you want & what you would like my help with.  My job is to use this information & design an individual package, tailored to you, that will enable you to progress & achieve your target.
After the consultation I also offer a FREE movement assessment, which will identify any postural imbalances/tight muscles & joints. I believe in pain free, unrestricted movement & a greater quality of life.

If you would like a FREE consultation & movement assessment please get in contact.

“James listened without judgement & explained how he could help & what it would involve to achieve my goals. He is fun, knowledgeable and motivational and is getting me exactly the results I wanted. Going to the gym is a pleasure, I love it and I prioritise it over work now. I do now enjoy the treadmills and the rowing machine is growing on me now and that really is saying something!” – Emma Lam

“I have trained with James Osborne for 4 years. My strength & confidence have improved dramatically, more than I could have ever achieved on my own. James is professional, knowledgeable & motivating.” – Jo Shilton

James has been the perfect match for me in terms of personality and style. I would not be in the place I’m in now, in terms of both physical fitness and mental state, without the support he has so willingly given over the last year.” – Liz


Qualifications: BSC Sport & Exercise Physiology, Personal Training Level 3, ACA Nutrition Credited, DTS Level 1 Certification.


Specialist Areas: Weight Loss & Rehabilitation / Prehab.


Hobbies: Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Running & Completing the Wainwright Peaks


Matt Mooney

Name: Matt Mooney

Location: Saddleworth Pool & Leisure Centre

Contact: 07725 792 062


Starting out with Pro-Fit Personal Training, I spent 3 years becoming a “Level 4” trainer, where I eventually split my time between working one-one with clients, and mentoring other Personal Trainers at the company on how to get the best results, and deliver the best service to their clients. I’m now based at Uppermill Leisure centre. When working with you – we cover everything needed for you to see, and keep, your results. A bespoke nutrition plan will ensure you know exactly what to eat, what not to eat, and when. A full Kinetic Chain Assessment will assess your weaknesses and strengths, to design your exercise plan not only on seeing your desired result – but whilst correcting your posture at the same time. We will also take your measurements and weight every 2 weeks, to ensure your constant progression. There’s tonnes for me to explain, so I’ll be happy to sit down and have a chat about your specific goals, and how I can best help you, in a free consultation. Contact me to arrange a time to suit.


Qualifications: Level 3 Personal Trainer 


Specialist Areas:  Training Mountain Bikers


Favourite Exercise: Mountain Biking 


Hobbies:  Mountain Biking, Bouldering & Reading.

Ben Cunniffe

Name: Ben Cunniffe

Location: Saddleworth Pool & Leisure Centre

Contact: 07791473836


Ben has over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry and has worked with hundreds of clients on a 1-1 basis and in group environments. Ben specialises in weight loss and core stability training. 

When working with Ben he will:

Put you through a biomechanics assessment (this will highlight any areas around your body that needs corrective exercise to help you move better, improve your posture and help prevent injuries). This will give you a very personalised plan to suit your needs. 

Nutrition coaching – Ben can help you with the skills and habits to create well balanced meals which can help with weight loss, maintenance or muscle gain. 

Personalised workouts – all workouts will be available on my iOS and android app. 

Other things I offer

  • Bi weekly or monthly Body fat % and weigh ins 
  • Body measurements 
  • Free recipe books
  • Online training 
  • Telephone appointments
  • Muscle gain programmes 
  • Pre/post natal programmes
  • Injury rehabilitation programmes 



PT level 3

Biomechanics coach

Pilates level 3

Precision nutrition 



 Laura Elkington 

Name: Laura Elkington

Location: Saddleworth Pool & Leisure Centre

Contact: 07429624851


At the start of my journey, being in the gym became my happy place not just physically but mentally. However, the ability to ask for help in a male dominant gym was slim due to confidence within myself. This then gave me the motivation to build a career within the industry to offer female support for those in the same position. 


Whilst being a mum of three, I went back into education and gained a Level 3 in sports, fitness and personal training where I gained experience, knowledge, and confidence to pass onto future clients. in 2022 I then progressed into further education studying BSc in sports and exercise nutrition at Huddersfield University where I am gaining more knowledge around food to give clients the opportunity to increase their fitness goals.


I found a passion in being able to support clients fitness journeys as no two are the same.

Programmes are tailored to everyones ability.

If you would like a FREE consultation, feel free to get in touch.



 Level 3 BTEC extended diploma in sports, fitness and personal training

 Level 2 in understanding nutrition and health 

Emergency first aid certificate


running on treadmill


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