What is BodyPump?

What Is Bodypump?

Bodypump is a fast-paced workout which includes the usage of weights. The weights help to grow muscle and strength. Using specific reps and moves during the workout helps to develop your body the way you want it. This exercise mainly focuses on burning calories and building muscle.


What are the benefits of Bodypump?

There are many health benefits to completing a Bodypump class; these range from helping your body to burn fat and to improve your posture in day to day life. The biggest benefit however, from this workout is the increase in muscle mass that it provides you with. This is one of the most efficient workouts to do in order to build muscle. The exercise is fast paced and will leave you feeling like a champion. As this exercise uses science to decide which and how many reps to do, it has a huge effect on getting your body toned; unlike any others, the science allows you to do exactly what is needed to shape your body just the way you want it. Bodypump also helps to improve your metabolism, therefore, meaning that even after you have completed your workout, because of the increase in your metabolism, you are still burning calories just by recovering.


What can I expect from a Bodypump class?

When you arrive you will need to get yourself a step box, a barbell with weights of your choice, and dumbbells. Your instructor will let you know what you need to use first and whether to use a heavy or light weight depending on the exercise. You will be guided through the exercise, completing a move for a set number of repetitions. You will then move onto another exercise and continue. This class will target the full body and will really make you feel the burn! We suggest starting light on your first class to get you used to the movements and amount of repetitions and then as you get more confident and comfortable, increasing your weights in the next classes! These routines remain the same for 6 – 8 weeks of classes, which means you can get comfortable with the movements and improve your strength. We often host Bodypump launch events which are the perfect chance to try out the class amongst a large group and multiple instructors!


How do I get started?

Here at OCL we offer top of the range Les Mills Bodypump classes that will leave you feeling like you are on top of the world. These classes are suggested to those 16 and over, and to those who have a good basic fitness standard before-hand. However, if you do fit this criteria then we have many classes throughout the week, ensuring you can attend one that is suitable for your schedule. To book, visit our app OldhamActive or give us a call on 0161 207 7000. 

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