What is the Difference Between Spin & Virtual Spin?

Have you ever gone to book a class and wondered, what is the difference between Spin & Virtual Spin? Well, we have the answers! 


What is Spin?

Spin is an exercise that involves a set of workouts performed on a stationary bike. It is very similar to an ordinary bike ride, just you have the support of an instructor and you aren’t actually going anywhere. The exercise itself consists of focusing on resistance – based intervals targeting the full body. Spin exercises are intended to be energetic, motivating and engaging to help push your limits.


What is Virtual Spin?

Virtual Spin is very similar to a normal spin class; however you complete this exercise without the presence of a physical instructor. Just like Spin, it is performed using a stationary bike and includes intervals of different exercises. Rather than having an instructor present with you, in Virtual Spin, it is substituted with a virtual trainer, with different pre-set workouts planned. The workout still consists of energetic music and motivation from your virtual trainer.


What are the pros and cons of Spin?

A spin class offers a more social aspect which a lot of people require when exercising. Many find motivation in exercising in groups rather than completing it alone. Also, having an instructor there to be able to guide you and push you is a huge bonus to those who find themselves lacking motivation. There is also the chance to meet more like-minded people at a Spin class as you are all there for the same purpose, so not only is it perfect for exercising, but it also supplies you with that much-needed social comfort. However, as a beginner it is very easy to feel intimidated by your first spin class and feeling like you don’t fit in, especially as there is no real way to practice beforehand. If you are a beginner, make sure you tell the instructor it is your first class and they will help you set up your bike. They are there to help, so don’t be scared to ask!


What are the pros and cons of Virtual Spin?

Some people are less confident about completing workouts and can see instructors as more intimidating than helpful. However, with Virtual Spin this worry is eradicated as it’s completed without a physical instructor. The virtual instructor will still supply you with motivation just like a normal one, meaning you aren’t missing out on any aspects from a usual spin class.  As it’s virtual that also means there is an incredible range of workouts, especially with ‘The Trip’ class as it takes you to different places in an immersive experience.  The main downside to this exercise is whilst you may feel more relaxed with no physical instructor, it means there isn’t anyone professional to help guide you specifically if you begin to find the class difficult. If you are finding the class difficult, reduce the intensity & resistance and give yourself a breather before jumping back in. 

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