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Virtual Spin is a fun, low impact class, where you control the intensity, speed and resistance. The class is set to music as your virtual instructor takes you through a series of hill climbs and sprints. Virtual spin has the same benefits as a spin class helping improve with weight loss, general fitness, strength and stamina.

Virtual Spin is available at Royton and Oldham. 

Virtual Spin can be intimidating for a first time user, so please see our FAQ to answer any questions and remember that Spin Classes are fun and encourage you to work at your own pace and resistance, so you are always in control of your workout. 

The is a general class, suitable for all people aged 11 years & older

See below a video of one of our Virtual Spin classes, The Trip. 


Attending your first Spin Class? Here’s some FAQ’s to help.

What is a Virtual Spin Class?

A high intensity class performed on a stationary exercise bike to music. The virtual instructor on screen will guide you through a combination of standing and seated exercises set at different pace and speeds.

How difficult is it for a beginner?

Spin classes are fun and inclusive, they can be performed at your own intensity as you control the resistance of the machine.    

How old do I have to be?

This class is ‘General’ and suited to all users aged 11+

What should I bring?

Spin is an intense class and should make you work hard and sweat, so bring water and a workout towel is optional

What should I wear? 

The most important consideration is comfort. However spins classes can get hot and you should work up a sweat, It is recommended to wear a light, breathable top. You can wear leggings, shorts or anything you would usually wear to the gym.  

Do I need special shoes?

No, All our spin bikes are fitted with cleats and cages so you can clip in cycling shoes or safely wear trainers.

Do I need to set up the bike?

Speak to one of our staff members on your first class, they will happily help you adjust and set up the bike according to your height. A good starting point is stand alongside your bike and bring the saddle up until its parallel with your hip bone. Once on the seat, you are able to move the seat forwards and backwards, start in a central position and adjust for comfort with your knees aligned relative to your feet. You should set the handlebar to a comfortable height with your shoulders roughly in line with your elbows and hips. 

Are all spin classes/virtual spin the same?

All our classes are suitable for all abilities and fitness levels. In Spin Classes our instructors are all helpful and informative in setting up the bikes and helping pace the class, each create their own class. Virtual Spin classes are performed to a virtual screen which can vary dependent on the session set up.

Can I take a break if it gets too hard?

Yes, spinning can be hard so you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you need to take a break. To safety take a break, dial down the resistance and slow down your pedals down until you recover.


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