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Active Personal Training


At Oldham Active, we offer Personal Training which can be used along side our facilities for extra support and guidance to help you reach your goals.

Whether you prefer one-to-one sessions for personal support and motivation, or group sessions so you can get fit with friends, we have the package and trainer to suit your needs.

Our Personal Trainers are available to both Active members and non-members, please contact the trainer directly to make an appointment.

Our Personal Trainers are based at the centres below:

Personal Trainers

Andy Yates

Location: Saddleworth Pool & Leisure Centre

Contact: 07743 109 526

Email: info@ABYatesPersonalFitnessSolutions.com

A professional rugby player who has played  for St. Helens, Leeds Rhinos and Wakefield.

Andy has worked with some of the best fitness trainers, coaches and conditioners from across the globe. Andy has over 10 years’ experience learning from leaders within the health and fitness industry and he is now available to empower you to achieve your goals.

•    Struggling to achieve the physique you desire?
•    Unsure what you’re doing in the gym?
•    Breathless very easily?
•    Stiff or archy during the day?
•    Tired or lethargic?
•    Want to improve self-confidence?
•    Prone to injury or illness?

Jon Mallon

Name: Jon Mallon

Location: Royton Leisure Centre

Contact: 0771 587 1757

Email: trainstrengthforge@gmail.com

I believe that for anyone, progress is made when they are comfortable and enjoy their training. When you work with me, that’s all you will experience. Whether you want to unleash your athletic potential, or get in shape for summer, I have the qualification to take you there.

We will discuss your measurable goals, carry out performance /physique assessments as well as conduct movement screening. I will then construct a science based training and nutrition program for our one to one sessions, as well as the days in between. Through the course of our training, we will not only get the body you dreamed of, you will also become stronger and move better as a result. Are you ready to achieve your goals? Give me a call, send me a message or get in touch through social network for your free consultation. I can’t wait to meet you and take you on your journey!

Qualifications & Experience

•    First Class BSc Hons Sport Science Degree
•    Currently completing MSc Advanced Strength and Conditioning
•    Coached professional elite athletes in a variety of sports.
•    Worked with hundreds of people, both in person and around the world with online coaching.
•    Science and Fitness Content Author for www.strength-forge.com

It’s safe to say I have worked in almost every situation imaginable and produced phenomenal, life-changing results!

Matt Mooney

Name: Matt Mooney

Location: Saddleworth Pool & Leisure Centre

Contact: 07725 792 062

Email: matt@uppermilltrainer.com

I’m soon entering my fourth year as a Personal Trainer. Starting out with Pro-Fit Personal Training, I spent 3 years becoming a “Level 4” trainer, where I eventually split my time between working one-one with clients, and mentoring other Personal Trainers at the company on how to get the best results, and deliver the best service to their clients. I’m now based at Uppermill Leisure centre. When working with you – we cover everything needed for you to see, and keep, your results. A bespoke nutrition plan will ensure you know exactly what to eat, what not to eat, and when. A full Kinetic Chain Assessment will assess your weaknesses and strengths, to design your exercise plan not only on seeing your desired result – but whilst correcting your posture at the same time. We will also take your measurements and weight every 2 weeks, to ensure your constant progression. There’s tonnes for me to explain, so I’ll be happy to sit down and have a chat about your specific goals, and how I can best help you, in a free consultation. Contact me to arrange a time to suit.

Note: I offer a full money back guarantee. No results? No paying!

Ross Sutton

Name: Ross Sutton

Location: Saddleworth Pool & Leisure Centre

Contact: 07917809314

Email: ross.sutton@live.co.uk

I have attended gyms now for as long as I can remember from the spit and sawdust types of yesteryear to the ultra modern well equipped gyms of today like OCL. Throughout I have always helped people along the way be that in correcting form or progressing their performances, So on the advice of some of those people I decided to become Qualified in the fitness industry and I am now a registered exercise professional and obtained a diploma level 3 in personal training and also level 2 in emergency first aid. I enjoy working with people of all ages and abilities to help them achieve their fitness goals. I can design specific progressive programs that meet all of their needs and requirements including Tone, Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, and of course Nutrition. YOUR GOALS BECOME MY GOALS.

Ben Cunniffe

Name: Ben Cunniffe

Location: Saddleworth Pool & Leisure Centre

Contact: 07791 473836

Email: bencunniffe@me.com

I started working at saddleworth pool and leisure centre in April 2009 and i am now the longest serving personal trainer at saddleworth gym.
I’ve been a fitness professional for over a decade.
I have just recently been awarded OCL instructor of the year 2016.
Over the course of my career I have worked with hundreds of people on a one-to-one basis, in small groups and as a class instructor. I have helped hundreds of people increase their fitness, improve their health, lose weight, gain more muscle tone and train for a specific event/competition.
You can be a complete beginner in the gym or someone who trains regularly, I have the experience and expertise to offer you a high quality personal training service.
Just a select few of the things i can do and offer:

  • Analyse your nutrition so we can make improvements step by step
  • Create personalised programmes
  • Track your body weight, body measurements and BF%
  • Continuous lifestyle, nutritional and exercise feedback
  • Give you access to my free iOS and android app

For more information on prices and availability, please feel free to send me a email, give me a call or text.


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